AMP. Always Electric.


About the typography


Designer: Vernon Adams
is a reworking of the classic style historically represented by the 'Alternate Gothic' sans serif typefaces. The characters of Oswald have been re-drawn and reformed to better fit the pixel grid of standard digital screens. Oswald is designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.


Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface family. Initially designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight, it was expanded into a 9 weight family by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012 and iKerned by Igino Marini. A thorough review and italic was added in 2016.

Special Elite

Designer: Astigmatic
Special Elite
was created to mimic the Smith Corona Special Elite Type No NR6 and Remington Noiseless typewriter models.

About the imagery

Edison-Swan Ampère Meter

Original source: Walker, Sydney F.: Electric Lighting for Marine Engineers (1892)

André-Marie Ampère

French physicist, 1775-1836

Image of an engraving by Ambrose Tardieu (1788-1841) (in the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology, Smithsonian Libraries)