AMP. Always Electric.

Volume 1, No. 1


I’m the companion to the Queen of England. She’s the honored guest at an auction. The two of us are seated in a tent, as though at war—Henry and the troops at Agincourt.

In her presence I’m flustered. I stand straight when I’m supposed to bow, bow when I’m told to kneel. I forget to address her as “Your Highness.”

When I drop the royal protocols, like a handkerchief, we are suddenly easy. We chat about flatware and the merits of stainless steel.

“You’re really quite interesting, Elisabeth,” says Queen Elizabeth to me.

And even as I hear the words, proud at our matching names, I see mine, as though a sad lot at auction, its spelling from another country.

Elisabeth Frost

Elisabeth Frost’s books are All of Us: Poems (White Pine), The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry (Iowa), the chapbooks A Theory of the Vowel (Red Glass Books), Rumor (Mermaid Tenement Books), and Bindle (collaborations with artist Dianne Kornberg, Ricochet Editions). Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Fordham University, she edits the Poets Out Loud Prize series from Fordham Press.