AMP. Always Electric.

Volume 2, No. 1


quite salty on the tongue
Sadly, it is also a prelude to madness!

a rhomboid prokaryote
deep in the gut aiding with digestion!

the broken Angel
stalking the streets at night
looking for the wretched
and the misunderstood

the newest form of inertia,
a strain against activity.
Even Blue cannot halt
the layering of much needed mulch!

the Son of the Soil
It is the soil which heals by killing!
It is the soil which boils alive its inhabitants!
It is also that which provides sustenance to all!

is too damn green!
It goes on and on and on
with no end in sight

unspeakable acts of torture in pursuit of joy
It is anxious and slow burning
There is no remedy for violet

Sola Oyefara

Sola Oyefara, a Yoruba originally from Nigeria, is a husband and father of two, a financial analyst, and an Iraqi war veteran.