AMP. Always Electric.

Volume 2, No. 1

Salt y Sangre

Discarded sacred systems,
            Twilight resets the pitch.
This time period on Earth
           Is as much a part of the mystery as We—of whatever happens here.
Mother: salt and sangre
            Whose sweet breast milk exists for the ®evolution
Because their soft copper bodies pulled out of me are simply tiny gods
            Fashioned from my entrails….
We are the warriors
           As government agents mop up Mars.
Supernatural because we’ve embroidered the red dust into our skins.
           The children are drumming; I am the skin stretched thin.
An echo,
           A transmission,
                      A meme online.

Viktoria Valenzuela

Viktoria Valenzuela is a writer, educator and activist living on the Westside of San Antonio, Texas. She is a Macondista and has been a community organizer since 2011. Her work appears in such publications as A Prince Tribute Anthology: I Only Wanted One Time to See You Laughing, the Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social Journal and Trunk Books: Blood (Sydney, Australia). Valenzuela has six children with the poet Vincent Cooper and is working on her first book of poetry, “In Bed: A Postpartum Romance.”