AMP. Always Electric.

Volume 2, No. 1

Three City Blocks

Outside the storefront
the light pulls
cold from the wind.
A language
momentarily on the tongue—
the fishmonger and the barber
beat out the rhythms of their day.
Always a grammar in small towns,
the way people try to time themselves
from childhood to old age.
In the town square
dissidents gather
only to be repelled
by the guard.
A dog snaps.
A woman screams.
Blood throbs atop concrete.
We had thought
the world would welcome us.
How soon we discover
the other hand is never waiting.

Ian Randall Wilson

Ian Randall Wilson’s fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of literary journals including the North American Review, The Gettysburg Review and Alaska Quarterly Review. His first collection, Ruthless Heaven, is scheduled for publication in late 2017 by Finishing Line Press.  He has an MFA in Poetry and Fiction from Warren Wilson College, and is on the fiction faculty at the UCLA Extension. By day he works at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles.