AMP. Always Electric.

Volume 2, No. 1

Todo tiene su final

I was shaving my grandfather’s face with an electric buzzer
When he let out a painful groan
Followed by a grim rattle in his throat.

With his final exhalation,
A steady stream of yellow phlegm
Poured out of his mouth.

We heard the death rattle once more
Emerging like a black heraldo de la muerte
From deep within the confines
Of his constricted throat.

Abuelo turned his bald head askance, slightly to the left—
His chin tucked into the hollow crevice of his shoulder.

His eyes were already closed, ready for eternal sleep.

He let his jaw drop slightly, the color went from his face,
And he left this earth—
In a bittersweet ascending whirlwind
Of pain & relief.

Justin Alejandro Colón-Rabinowitz

Justin Alejandro Colón-Rabinowitz was born in Manhattan in 1983. He graduated from Dartmouth College with high honors in 2005 and received an MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish from New York University in 2011. He received an additional MFA degree in Creative Writing in English from Hofstra University in 2016. Colón-Rabinowitz has published his poetry in numerous journals and is currently working on a novel. He lives on Long Island.